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Flea Myths Busted

Identify Your Pest - FleasThis article will put to rest five myths about fleas that PMPs hear each year.

MYTH #1 - Flea eggs hatch on the animal.

Flea eggs hatch on the ground, in carpeting, furniture and pet bedding - not on pets. Adult fleas attach themselves to animals for a blood meal before reproducing.

MYTH #2 - Fleas prefer any warm-blooded animal for their blood meals (including people).

Though fleas will bite people, their preferred is a furry animal.

MYTH #3 - Sealing cracks and crevices is a good flea control strategy.

While exclusion is advised for many pest problems, it doesn’t have
a real benefit for flea control. Sealing cracks and crevices prevents rodents
and other potential hosts from entering the house but most fleas enter a structure on their host animal.

MYTH #4 - The only good flea control strategy is to rid a home of adult fleas.

Though adult fleas are easy to locate, eggs, larvae and pupae are a different case. These life stages are less active and found in hard - to - reach places in a home. So the treatment strategy must include an adulticide for the adults and an insect growth regulator to eliminate immature stages.

MYTH #5 - The only way to eliminate fleas is with surface spraying.

In addition to surface spraying with an adulticide and IGR, homeowners must protect
their pets from fleas by treating regularly with a topical or oral product. Regular vacuuming of the home is also mandatory during flea season.

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